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    Sunday, 29 January 2012

    Apexi VAFC install

    Apexi VAFC DIY :
    Things needed:
    Soldering gun
    Electric tape
    2=2amp diodes

    Step 1.
    Remove the glove box and locate ecu.
    Locate the top plug and remove it from the ecu.

    Step 2.
    Find the green wire that is on the vafc. You want to solder the green wire into the blue wire with gray dots on it. When done use tape and plug the harness back in.

    Step 3.a)
    Locate the 2nd plug, should be in the middle. Find the purple and pink wires from the vafc, now locate the green with yellow strip on it. You want to cut this wire in half, (Cut far from the ecu to give yourself some room) Now get one diode and shorten the legs a bit where about 1 inch is left on it.

    Step 3.b)
    Take the diode with the gray end and solder that to the wire that you just cut that is going towards the car away from ecu. (DONT LEAVE THE SOLDER ON DIODE TOO LONG BECAUSE IT WILL MELT THE DIODE) When done tape up the wire and diode.

    Step 3.c)
    Take the purple wire and solder this to the other end of the diode that has nothing on it. (Be sure again not to leave the soldering gun on it too long) Now tape up the diode and the purple wire.

    Step 3.d)
    Take the other diode with the gray mark pointing towards the ecu and solder that end to the wire that is coming from the ecu that you just cut. After that take the pink wire and solder that to the other end of the diode. When done tape up the diode and the wires making sure nothing is exposed.

    Step 4.
    Now locate the blue wire on the vafc, and locate the blue wire with a black strip on it harness of the ecu. Cut this wire in half and solder the vafc blue wire to the ecu. Leave the other end unused. Use tape to tape up the wires. And when done plug the harness back in.

    These last steps are gonna be difficult because the wires are kinda hard to get to.

    Step 5.
    Locate the 3rd plug which is at the very bottom. Find the gray wire from the vafc, now locate the red wire with a black strip on the ecu harness. You want to solder the gray wire onto the red with black stirp. Use tape to tape up the work.

    Step 6.
    Locate the yellow and white wires on the vafc, now locate the white with a green strip coming from ecu harness. Cut that wire in half leaving yourself some room to work with the wires. Now solder the yellow wire to the end that goes towards the ecu. The white wire goes towards the car. Solder both wires and use tape to cover up work.

    Step 7. This one is kinda tricky so BE CAREFUL!
    There are going to be two wires on the harness a black with 2 gray dots and a solid black wire. You want to find the black solid wire. After that get the brown and black wires that are coming from the vafc, and solder these two wires onto the black wire coming from the ecu. Make sure that the brown wire is closer to the ecu than the black wire. I put my brown right in front of the black. Solder them onto the black solid wire. DO NOT TWIST THESE TWO TOGETHER!!!! After that use tape and tape up your work.

    Step 8.
    Locate the red and orange wires from the vafc. Now find the yellow with a black strip and gray dots on it. You want to solder the orange wire closer to the ecu than the red wire. DO NOT TWIST THESE TOGETHER!!! When done soldering cover up with tape.

    And finally plug in the last harness to the ecu. Check all connections to make sure that everything is soldered on tightly and neatly. That should cover all the wires and everything that needs to be done. That is the best that i can tell everyone to do. YOU NEED TO SOLDER EVERYTHING YOU CANNNOOOOTT CRIMP OR TAP. Because if you do a good signal will not go through. Hope this makes you people happy and that it works on everyones car.

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