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This was done using a Sparco Torino 2 seat with a Sparco bracket for the 03+ Toyota Corolla and the Sparco installation hardware.
A spare bolt and washer is needed for the seatbelt assembly if you wish to use it. It is listed in the supplies.
The Sparco installation instructions used in this DIY can be downloaded from here
Depending on your seat/bracket set-up, all steps in this DIY may not be applicable to you or may be slightly different.
This particular DIY was written for the passenger seat. The driver seat is the same procedure, but ignoring the weight sensor discussion.
a87f7b3d1bd35139fe2161cbdc99a9cd  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
First are the tools. Pretty simple stuff.
Sockets are 11mm for the battery, 15mm for the bracket-to-floor bolts, mallet to put the handle for the slider on, and 6mm hex key for the actual screws (could depend on what set-up you use. This is for the Sparco stuff)
Not Pictured: METRIC: 10 x 1.25 stubby bolt & washer
Installation hardware (varies with wherever you bought your bracket).
9403677a9ae8c15fdef8f64341b6a87b  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
1. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. This is a precaution against the airbag going off (better safe than sorry).
bdbd722d7e31a4c244e2523c498216da  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
2. Now move your seat forward and you will see two bolts to remove. Get to it.
30904c2179a9616d6a2ba01658ac5573  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
3. Move the seat back and you will see the front two. Now tilt your seat back after you remove these bolts.
c8ac484b480d2ffd7e8181716dbd5f90  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
4. Remove these two sensors by pressing down on the tab in the middle. It requires some force. If you have chubby fingers here’s where the tweezers(?)/pliers(?) come in handy.
0092e178f3e1c944528c552f3d933787  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
5. Now disconnect this third one and you can remove the seat.
a7cbdcfc66cf6e4069ceb902ca772181  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
Feels weird driving around without that seat…. awesome weight reduction, fk yea!!!
8b4e352e519e0305911aa02678ddf084  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
6. I traced the seatbelt wire in yellow. You need to unclip it at the red circles. Luckily, I have 11 year old Chinese girl fingers, so I could do it by hand. If you’re…”American,” you will probably want to get those (I’m referring to them as) tweezers out.
b9833b3c081f419aa7e8f0e15af40b28  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
7. Now follow the wire and remove it from under the seat.
(Note: for the driver-side seat, if the sensor will not come out, try raising your seat with the extra lever they have. You pull the lever up to raise the seat. This took me about 20 minutes of frustration to remember )
6c7d6abd7a6b7bb538cdc510c24ee83e  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
8. Use the 15mm to remove the seatbelt bolt.
c154da540c66d2cec8887dca3f927cb7  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
Notice that the bolt does not come out. This is why you (hopefully) bought the stubby bolt and washer.
cd651fe84ead8b1014e151425fa79c8d  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
9. Now install the seatbelt receiver onto the bracket. Notice the washer is on the inside.
e02818eb1c39da1dff48c63173f123c3  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
10. Depending on your set up, grab the small screws and the washers. The large screws are used to connect the actual bracket to the seat and don’t require washers (no room for them anyway).
f5bbc040cfd78ab51d01095f7e849725  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
11. To install the screws, clamp the nut and use the fat hex key to turn the screw.
Note: It’s better to not completely tighten the screws until you have all four on. This allows for play when installing the rear screws.
e3a964f604c8b2930f1a1de5e58795e4  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
Basic overview. Now how do we reach the rear holes?!
a6d9dbc20bcd23cee6b93354a17bc4a2  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
12. It’s kinda tough, but man up and adjust the sliders by hand. They will be pretty hard to move, but just make sure that you hear a *click* when you have them positioned. Installing the sliders when they aren’t fully locked in is not a good idea..
60b77c06e2b3cf0c6552047976a39d1a  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
13. Flip your seat on it’s back and put two screws in the top of the sliders to connect to the actual seat base.
d93314eb8f14f9a51fb5ef0e0cc3d6c8  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
Here’s how they should line up.
Note: Again, it is advisable to NOT tighten the screws all the way. Secure them down, but go back after all 4 are secured and then tighten them.
9aeaddc5f91d3236e2cb7a2e9e4b52c7  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
14. It’s easier if you install the slider bar now because it’s difficult to match both sliders when you need to reach the rear holes. Use the rubber mallet to tap the bar on to the two metal adjusters.
Note: If you happen to install the bar facing UP, just use some muscle and pull it off and reseat it. You may have to hold a tiny metal wire down on the slider while pulling to release the bar.
8f7240237bb64912da30085cff0e3a1b  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
15. Push the slider bar you just installed up (towards the cushion) and pull up towards your body (assuming you’re standing up). This will free up the holes on the bottom to install the bottom 2 screws.
85bc122f6865ba68e90863fbee82283c  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
16. I forgot to circle the two bottom screws, but they’re the small black ones, not the silver ones. The 4th one may require some elbow grease depending on how well you aligned all the holes.
0a1677c8d43e9594a5deb56a7b7016a9  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
17. Wire the seatbelt wire so that it doesn’t get in the way of the sliders. This is important because you’d hate to have you or a passenger trying to move the seat and then stubbornly push and break or fray a cable. The black box will be fine rested on the straps like that, but if you’d like to add some zip ties for reinforcement, they’ll help.
eaa22e22625a5aa232470563679dc311  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
Here’s the problem with the passenger seat. The weight sensor is a 4 point system, but I don’t have the system! I talked to a few experienced Toyota technicians and we sat down and looked at the system on the computer. He said that even if you implanted the 4 point system (say, from a junked seat) and got it recalibrated at a dealership (fairly expensive) it still may not function properly. Hopefully someone will find a fix at some point. I’d like my passengers to have an airbag!
3fe024c88c18395e12ca4d49596d4d4e  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
18. Bolt up the rear bracket. You may need 2 people for this if you’re either a) lazy or b) hella weak.
Note: If you’re doing this by yourself, the easiest way I found was to rest the front two bolt points on the little ledge, then start with the rear part that bolts into the side of the car, or what I like to call the “floating” point. If you aligned it properly, the bracket should now rest on 3 other supporting points and will free you up to work on them without having to old up the entire seat and bracket while trying to align the bolt.
6029c04df073a3d90970043ac356a678  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
Depending on your bracket, you may have a very tight fit like this one. Although discouraged, you may OMIT this bolt. The seat still holds up during daily and spirited driving, though one may NOT infer any guarantees during an accident. With that said, I suggest that you install all 4 bolts!!
56b7eb33a26faa3402b514ff1237153f  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats
19. Now sit in your seat and grab the slider bar. Pull it up as if it was your old seat and slide back and forward. It may be hard to move the seat at first, but your sliders should have come pre-oiled and need to be broken in. Do this about 10 times (completely back and completely forward count as one rep) and the seat should be fine for any passengers.
34ef88fd8d8827d8e2570510c4ea6346  Installing Racing / Bucket Seats

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