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Diy done on silvia ,can be done on other car using the same instructions !
This write up is for installing an HKS turbo timer WITHOUT the use of the adapter harness.
Time: 2-4 hours
- wire cutter/stripper
- screwdriver
- HKS turbo timer
- wire connectors
- electrical tape
this write up is for installing an hks turbo timer with out the use of the adapter harness. Before:
Steering wheel with cover removed
Heres what you get with the turbo timer:
HKS Turbo Timer contents
here is the tool you will need ( with the exception of the socket unless you plan on removing the steering wheel and under brace.
first i started by removing the steering wheel, column cover, the knee plate, and instrument cluster surround
Steering wheel removed from steering column
next remove the instrument cluster by removing the three screws two in the bottom corners and one on the top middle
using the volt meter i found that the white thick w/ red stripe is the constant 12v
the acc 12v is the blue wire and the 12v ign wire is the black w/ white stripe
Accessory wire illustration
after finding the wire colors fallow to the connector and transfer the wires to the other connector.
the thicker white wire is the 12v constant.
the white wire with the blue stripe is the 12v acc
the black wire with the red stripe is the 12v ignition
after locating and labeling the wires remove the negative terminal on the battery
Removal of negative battery terminal
cut the harness plug off the hks unit
Cutting the harness plug away from the turbo timer
route the tt harness through the hole in the dash to the lower area of the dash
Routing the Turbo Timer harness through the dash
wire the red wire from the unit to the 12v constant. the green wire to the 12v ignition and the blue to the 12 acc.
next you will have to remove the center console to continue the installation by removing the 4 screws 2 at the very front of the console and the 2 under the lid. dont forget to unplug the power mirror harness from the console.
connect the Grey wire w/ the unit to the Grey wire extension supplied with the unit
look for the wire hooked to the e-brake
hook the Grey wire extension to the parking brake wire as such
Hooking grey wire extension to the parking brake wire
Hooking grey wire extension to the parking brake wire 2
next connect the blue wire extension to the unit this wire is used to read the speed of the vehicle . the instructions say to hook to the blue wire to the ecu but i hooked it to the connector on the back of the instrument cluster. by doing it this way it provides a way to cut out the speed cut. run the blue wire through the hole that you ran the harness through and connect it to the yellow green wire on the white connector on the top of the cluster as shown.
Connecting wires for HKS Turbo Timer
connect the brown wire extension to the unit this is the rpm signal wire
Connecting wires for HKS Turbo Timer 2
you take the brown wire from the driver side and route it over to the ecu. connect the brown wire to the red with yellow stripe wire on the ecu it is the 3 pin on the second part top row.
after that connect the black wire to a vehicle ground. reinstall all interior pieces and reconnect the battery and test the unit out.

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