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Tools used:

10mm socket wrench – Removing bolts from stock intake, removing battery cables
Flathead screwdriver – tighten connectors
7/32" SAE size hex screw head – loosen stock intake
Pliers – loosen battery cage nuts
Flashlight - it helps

1 & 2 - Loosen these two nuts which hold the battery in place, and remove this assembly

3. Disconnect negative battery cable

4. Disconnect positive battery cable

5. Remove the battery and the large black plastic case the battery sits in.

Remove the two bolts holding in the stock intake – one of the bolt locations are shown below with x2 next to it.

Loosen the breather hose clamp – pull the stock breather hose off the stock intake, and set it aside. (see below)

Loosen the stock intake clamp - Use a 7/32" SAE size hex screw head, (this screw head also has hexagonal wrench flats around the outer edge. If you strip it, it's still possible to remove the stock intake, just takes a lot more effort. (see below)

1.This shows the second bolt you need to remove to pull out your stock intake.

2.These are the battery cables Gerry refers to in his documentation, un-clip these and move them to the left a couple inches to allow more room to drop in the PRM intake filter.

3.Here is where your stock MAF sensor should go.

4.This is where your new breather hose connects.

5.Be sure the filter is not hitting this metal brake reservoir bracket (as mentioned in Gerry’s documentation).

*ProTip - Refer to the photo above before installation: be sure your MAF connector is facing the interior of the car, along with the intake breather hose connection - also note the slight bend in the intake is closest to your intake manifold.

Finally, here is a quick video clip after my install (more later): YouTube - 2009 GE Honda Fit PRM Intake

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