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DIY:Manual boost controller install (R18)

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Attention Visual Learners, this DIY was done on my Turbo R18 with the GT25R, internally waste gated.
Not all applications will be the same, this is a visual reference for  Manual Boost Controller.

Step one: Locate your waste gate actuator diaphragm and vacuum hose Green Arrow.

Step Two: Locate the turbo vacuum line Red Arrow

Step Three: Remove the normally clear line that connects the two or in my case
I removed previous black line going to my electronic boost controller (AEM TruBoost Garbage).

Step Four: Take your new 5/8 vacuum line and attach both ends to the nipple on the waste gate
actuator diaphragm, and the turbo vacuum line (or in some cases a vacuum source on the intake
manifold(but not suggested) each with stainless steel clamps.

Step Five: Pick a location spot for your Manual Boost Controller that is easily accessible,
out of weather elemental places, yet out of the way for removal of other engine bay parts.
Once you have done this use the bracket (usually included) to mark the spots where you will
drill into a solidsurface. I chose above my intake filter because its a solid spot out of the way
and weather.

Step Six:Drill two guide holes for your self tapping screws. I suggest drilling one hole,
Installing one screw
(loosely), then eyeball the placement of the second hole and drill through the mount into the desired l
location and angle (Only if you didn't mark it straight the first time). Then install your other self tapping screw.

Step Seven: Cut the looped vacuum line that's connected to your waste gate actuator diaphragm nipple,
and turbo vacuum source to the appropriate length or just in the middle lol.

Step Eight: Its very Important that you hook the Actuator line to the side mounted attachment on the
Boost Controller, and the Turbo Vacuum line to the bottom of the Boost controller. Secure them with stainless
steel clamps.

Step Nine: Final step. Mount your boost controller to the bracket that you have already installed without dropping the hardware and go for two runs, average the boost and adjust as needed.

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