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Materials Needed:

  1. 10mm wrench/rachet
  2. Dremel / similar cutting tool
  3. HID Kit


1) Disconnect negative terminal on battery and remove headlight. 3 10mm bolts, plus 2 electrical connections (turn signal and high/low)

2) Remove dust cover on low beam. This is what you see under it.

3) Remove old bulb. pull the plug off the back of it and remove the metal peice by pushing it down and to the side to "unlock" it.

4) This is what the HID bulb looks like when you get it. that is just a plastic cup covering it. remove it and KEEP THE LOWER PIECE (the one with the text on it)

5) Install the HID. It's just like putting the old bulb back in, but instead of plugging that plug into the back of the bulb, you connect it to the connections on the wires, as shown in the picture. red to red and black to brown.

6) Reinstall the dust cover. But the wires you have have to fed through the cover. Cut a hole the size of the rubber cup on the wires. Use that plastic peice with the text on it to outline before cutting. I didn't. As seen in this picture.

7) Locate a place to mount your ballasts. on the drivers side of the car, there is literally NO ROOM. So I attached it to the battery using the double sided tape provided in the kit.

8) On the passenger side I plan on mounting it here, I just haven't the drill or the balls to drill into the body yet.

9) Connect all wires to the ballast, they only fit one way...

10) Reconnect negative on battery.

11) Turn them on! WARNING DO NOT INSTALL ONE AND TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS TO COMPARE. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT. If you do you may end up with one headlight brighter than the other when you have both installed. If you do, remove both HIDs, reinstall OEM, and go to the dealer and complain until you get a warrenty repair! Again, DO NOT INSTALL ONE AND TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS. DO NOT!!!!!!

Also do not upgrade your fuse. It may create a fire hazard. The HIDs work fine on stock wiring.

End of DIY



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