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Changing the rear axle oil on any vehicle is fairly straightforward. If you need to know how to do it, here are some 'general instructions' off the top of my head. I did some time at a 'quick change and lube' shop, so I can tell you from quite a many hours of experience of doing one after another, after another on this. Do not put oil in a rear end that leaks axle oil. You will want to inspect it very carefully, and hope you are changing this oil only as a maintenance factor. Axle oil leaks can get very expensive
Jack the rear end up, and support it securely on both sides. I was in a pit (under ground) and the cars rolled over the top of it, that is the only difference, besides the methods we used to fill the system which you will find out about shortly. So you have the rear end up and supported on both sides, now look at the center of it. Some call it the pumpkin, on the rear end. If there is not a drain hole in the bottom of it, then you will need to get the rear cover off it. The gasket is only silicone, and everybody has silicone. Black RTV is the best for this application, if you have the extra money for it. Anyways, there is oil in there, and you will need to catch it. So, put your drain pan under the pumpkin, and either pull the drain plug, or remove the cover plate.
Once you get it drained out you may want to clean it up a little bit with some cleaners if you have the whole cover off it. Make sure everything is clean and the draining has stopped, and replace the drain plug.You are now, done draining it!
Leave the drain pan in place, and look on the middle of the pumpkin on the driveshaft side on the top half of the assembly, and you will see a small plug that you can fit a ratchet into. You may need an extension to reach it. Anyways, get it out of there, it is the fill plug for the differential. You will now open your axle oil and pour in into the fill plug, until it comes back out. When it does not take any more, then it is full, ad you replace the fill plug.
Getting the oil into the fill plug can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds, though. If the fill plug for your differential is in a tight spot, you will not have enough room to even get the bottle of oil in close to it. You can use a hose on the end of your bottle or make a pump to get it up there. Ours were controlled by pressure from air, and it shot out into the fill hole for us when we hit a button. Anyways, hand pumps work nice in tight situations. I keep one in my tool box, and I use it more than anything else in there, almost!
Keep your rear axle in good shape, and it will keep you happy for a long time. If you do a lot of fast acceleration, then you will want to change your rear axle oil a bit more often that recommended by the manufacturer. Always consult your service manual for specific things, like fluid type and capacity. This is only meant to be general instructions so you get the idea, of how it is done. The main thing is to stay safe, you don't want the pumpkin on your rear end to smash the pumpkin on your shoulders.

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