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Performance DIY by DIY Guru

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-Air/Fuel Gauge (I used an autometer sport)
-1 wire 1 volt O2 sensor (narrowband Bosch)
-Wire insulation
-22mm Open End wrench
-Extra 18gauge wire (any color)
-PB Blaster (optional)
-Wire taps (16-18 gauge)
-Heat Shrink Tubing (Optional)
-Zip Ties
-Wire Crimper
-Solder/Electric tape (or you could use those small red tubes that connect the wires together...ur choice)

Step By Step
I didnt disconnect my battery so i just started off with turning the car off and mounting my airfuel gauge in my column pod next to my boost.

Find a ground and positive connection for your air/fuel gauge. I fed my wire from the back of the dash to the fuse box and made my own ground there. I used a wire tap for my positive wire and tapped into my escort radar direct wire connection.

Add enough wire to your purple wire so that it can go through the firewall and run underneath your car. I just guessed and checked.
Once you get your wire through the firewall, start putting the insulation cover on so it protects it from the heat.
Once i got the insulation on, i fed the wire through this nice convenient tunnel in the firewall that looks Taylor made for this project.

Run the wire underneath the car to the downpipe. (it looks loose now but i made it tighter after i connected it.

Now spray your O2 sensor with pb blaster (if you are using the post cat bung) and use your 22mm open end wrench and see if you can get that thing out. if not, try a heat gun and spray some more pb blaster until it comes off.

Now install your single wire 1 volt o2 into the bung.

There is a connector at the end of the o2 sensor that you can just run your wire to and crimp them together.
The setup should start looking like this

I just zip tied my post cat o2 sensor to another o2 wire just for the time being (i will see if i can disconnect it and not get a CEL)
Make sure that
-all your connections are correct
-your ground is correct/Positive is tapped correctly
-you havent tapped into the headlight switch dimmer...(this will mess with the voltage on the airfuel gauge)

Start your car up, and you should see your airfuel gauge start working with one single green LED light. After you idle your car or drive it for about 5 min, it will start reading correctly. The sensor needs to get hot enough to read the volts right.

Couple pics at night

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