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Learn how to strip paint from your car at home in six simple steps
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How to strip paint

How to Strip Paint  First Step 

Lay a tarp out in your garage. Drive your car onto the tarp. This will catch any chemical spills and make your cleanup easier.

How to Strip Paint  Second Step:

Tape off areas of the car that don't need chemical stripping, using masking tape and newspaper. Cover the windshield, windows, tires, fender and other areas in this manner.

How to Strip Paint  Third Step:

Apply a coat of chemical stripper to your car. using a paintbrush. Pour chemical stripper into a disposable container such as an old coffee can. Coat the car's body with the chemical stripper. Wait the recommended amount of time for your chemical stripper to work, following the manufacturer's recommendation.

How to Strip Paint  Fourth Step:

Scrape the chemical stripper and old paint off your car with a plastic scraper at the end of the waiting time. Drag the plastic scraper across your car, with your hand held at a 45- to 70-degree angle to the car. The paint and chemical stripper should flake off.

How to Strip Paint  Fifth Step:

Scrub any areas that still have paint with 40-grit sandpaper. This should remove leftover paint.

How to Strip Paint  Sixth Step:

Apply a coat of lacquer thinner to remove any traces of chemical stripper, using a fresh paintbrush. Remove the masking tape. Your car is ready for sanding and priming.

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