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    Thursday, 6 March 2014

    7 Must have tools for automotive diy projects

    When it comes to diy projects, the first and most important thing for a diyer to have is a GOOD set of tools. Some have the ingenuity to use a limited number of tools for a multitude of purposes. But for the simple man there some basic tools that must be at hand all the time.

    1: Screw Driver Set: A magnetic screw driver set comes in handy from opening a door handle to dismantling an engine. So it is a must have for a rookie diy enthusiast.
    2: Torque Wrenches: Almost all parts of a car are held together by nuts and bolts of different shapes and sizes. A normal set of wrenches although good for unscrewing nuts but it makes the task very laboursome , So to save yourself the hassle get a nice set of torque wrenches.
    3: Jack stands: Jack stands come in very handy when working with the underbody of the car, not only do they provide a stable lift and make sure that the vehicle doesn’t fall over ,they also provide a good clearance to work underneath the car.
    4: WD 40: The only thing that WD 40 cannot do is bring a dead man back to life. Any other problems and it comes in handy .Wd 40 sprays must always be available when working on your car because they will help you in removing jammed parts and nuts, freeing  jammed/clogged mechanisms and for overall lubrication of moving parts.
    5: Soldering iron: Soldering irons can save you a fair bit of cash when working with the electrical bits of the car. Heat shrink and tape is also necessary for working with the electrical parts.
    6: Pliers and Cutter set: A pliers and cutter set comes in handy in almost every types of job. A good pliers and cutter set doesn’t cost much and is very helpful for prying off parts, cutting wires/pipes, straightening sheet metal and bent screws and taking off rivets.
    7: Miscellaneuos Bits: Various small items are very useful in diy projects, small items such as ,extra wires, rivets, pipe fasteners and clips ,fly clips, plumbing tape, grease and glue may come in very handy when fixing up your ride.

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