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Diy:O2 sensor checkup(4age 20v)

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Small but useful diy !

1) Turn off your engine

2) Locate your diagnostic connector, and look for terminal “OX1″ and “E1″

3) Get an analog multi meter (any brand can do)

4) Select to 2.5Vdc range

5) Insert the red colour probe to “OX1″, and black colour probe to “E1″

6) Place the multi meter on the windscreen, as near to the driver side as possible

7) Start your engine

8) Wait till it reach working temperature

9) Keep your RPM at 2500

10) Observe you multi meter’s needle. It should be moving up and down, from 0 to 2/5 of full scale.

11) Time your watch, a good O2 sensor will move the needle up and down for at least 8 times in 10 sec.

If your needle move less than 8 times per 10 sec, or idle at any scale, your O2 is dead.
Change it asap to safe the world.

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