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Have a new aftermarket wheel in your room you want to install, but don't know exactly how? Watch, Read, and Learn.

1. Locate steering wheel.

2. Take your small screwdriver and pop the H emblem off the wheel.

3. Locate the steering wheel nut. 19mm or 13/16".

4. Find the appropriate socket/extention

5. Zip it out with an impact gun if you've got one. The reason I say use this is because you don't have to worry about the wheel moving very much as you rip the nut off, as opposed to useing a hand-powered ratchet.

6. If the nut doesnt come out in the socket, it'll just sit there like yay:

7. Then go ahead and pull the wheel off.

8. *edited* nvm.

9. Slip on the new hub.

10. Bolt down the new steering wheel nut. Connect your horn wire, etc and line up the wheel.
*Note*. When you slide the new hub in, hold the steering wheel up to it(with the wheel in the appropriate position(i.e. vertical) and see if the hub is on right. look at your tires. make sure it's straight unless you wanna live with a crooked wheel...

11. After you've lined up the screw holes on the wheel/hub, and have made sure the hub, wheel, and screws are correctly lined up.

And there you have it. Youv'e completed your wheel install. Good for you! Now your car is more jDm than ever.

Look how much smaller my newly installed wheel is. FYI it's a 11" wheel.



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